A Subtlety

On the Brooklyn waterfront there is an abandoned Domino Sugar factory that will likely be demolished. And so acclaimed artist Kara Walker created an art exhibit. An homage to the paid and overworked artisans who have refined our sweet tastes from cane fields to the kitchens of the new world. Made out sugar aptly titled “A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby”.

Staying in Manhattan I took the train over to Brooklyn early and a line had already formed along Kent Ave. I waited for about an hour and a half with all different races of people who wanted to see the exhibit, but I’m sure the 35-foot high, white sugar encrusted sphinx was the big draw. Ive seen Instagram posts of Beyonce, Jay Z, and Swiss Beats standing in front of the sculpture but pictures don’t do it justice.

And let’s not forget the “Sugar Babies”

To think of how all of this was constructed blows my mind. And as for you my pictures won’t do it justice so you should check it out for yourself. Its on view until July 6, 2014

John Waites
A veteran who enjoys travel, photography and art

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