I started “The Zeg” a year ago with the purpose to inspire people to travel and experience new things. And I hope that I have succeeded on some level. Over this past year, we traveled to cities such as London, San Francisco, and Barcelona and went off the beaten path to places such as Death Valley and Antelope Canyon. We also discovered art exhibits like the one in Paris featuring a giant skull made from pots and pans to neon-colored boulders in the Nevada desert.
I’ve also tried to put on my Tony Robbins or Oprah hat and do some motivational pieces about being present while traveling and the benefits of traveling solo.

In the beginning, I was worried that I wasn’t reaching anyone or that no one was interested in “The Zeg” and at times I yelled in my Maximus character from the movie “Gladiator” – “Are you not inspired” but after some time and more subscribers, I started receiving great feedback. I appreciate hearing from you all about how this blog has inspired you to travel or even to read one of the monthly recommended books.
As we settle into 2019 we plan to bring you more amazing destinations to travel to, art exhibits to visit and books to read. More importantly in this new year, I want to challenge every one of our subscribers including myself to try something new or to visit a new destination.

-Sherman @The Zeg

I feel as though we all have two lives that we live-Life A- you know the one where we wake up, go to work, take care of everyday stuff and then come home. Then there is Life B that is our downtime and we aren’t doing much of anything. And so we may feel as though we can’t have both and so we neglect Life B. But I assure you that both lives can co-exist with a just a bit of nurturing.
We all work so hard day in and out and may not get the recognition we deserve so why not reward ourselves. Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission to live your best life, because it’s not coming in an email from corporate or in a package from Amazon Prime it can only come from you! So take that trip to Rome or New York, treat yourself to a day in the city with amazing food and the arts or at the very least head to the beach or park with a good book. There are plenty of options on any budget. Life is so much better when you actually start living. Make the most of this life it’s the only one you will get.

Thank you all for supporting “The Zeg” cheers to a year of travel, discovery, and happiness.

John Waites
A veteran who is passionate about inspiring others through travel and art, sharing ideas for personal growth and fulfilment.

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  1. Man the site is awesome loving the content keep it coming

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