George Washington

In a remote field in the eastern part of Virginia, you will find 43 U.S. Presidents’ busts. Standing 20 ft high, these massive “heads” serve as a tribute to those who served as head of state of the United States of America.

Presidential Busts

These busts were once part of the President’s Park, a theme park in Colonial Williamsburg. Once the park closed due to low attendance, Howard Hankins paid to have them transported to his property in Croaker, Virginia.

You can now view every president’s bust from George Washington to George W Bush through a guided tour with photographer John Plashal.
In partnership with landowner Hankins, abandoned placed photographer Plashal offers guided tours for a small fee.

All of these men are flawed in many ways. No matter your political beliefs, you may be able to find some redeeming qualities in every one of these Presidents. And if you cant, this is still a fantastic work of art that every American should visit and enjoy. You can find tour schedules here: Presidents Park

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  1. Love this article, Sherman. Sad to see the depreciation of the ‘busts’ but hopefully the fees will be used to restore them.
    Thanks, Ray

    1. Do you think the decay in them makes them kinda beautiful? I like that they arent in pristine condition.

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