Our first book pick is “The Black Count” by Tom Reiss. The story of General Alex Dumas born a black slave in Saint-Domingue (Haiti) who moved to Paris, rose his way in the ranks to command armies during the Revolution. His name may sound familiar, his son was novelist Alexandre Dumas who wrote books “The Three Musketeers” and my personal favorite “The Count of Monte Cristo” which was inspired by his father’s life.

So celebrate Black History Month with this great read. You will not be disappointed!

John Waites
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  1. The Black Count sounds amazing, I’m adding this to my reading list! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m also a huge fan of The Count of Monte Cristo! I had no idea about his father. Fascinating! Love your page ☺️

  2. Sorry that last comment was from me. Forgot to add my name, lol!

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