There are times where you come across a hefty novel that you can dive deep into for a few weeks or maybe a month, and then there are times you want a quick read, something you can read over a weekend. This month I selected a novel that I was able to finish in a weekend. I read half on a 3-hour flight and the other half on the plane back. Coming in at 145 pages “Turbulence” by David Szalay is our end of summer book selection.

The concept of this book is exciting and an effortless read. Twelve short stories of love, betrayal, loss, and infidelity all connected by people taking flights around the world. Every chapter is a snapshot of the life of one person flying from one destination to the other. The book starts with a woman who is fearful of flying taking a flight from London to Madrid where we learn about her reason for being in London and then her interaction with the businessman sitting next to her on her trip. The next chapter goes into the life of the businessman from chapter 1 flying from Madrid to Senegal and so on and so on we discover new characters on each flight we learn their secret, desires, lives and the connections to each other that eventually bring the reader back to where the book started.

Hope you enjoy the book!

John Waites
A veteran who is passionate about inspiring others through travel and art, sharing ideas for personal growth and fulfilment.

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