Every now and then comes along an art exhibit that will blow your mind. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors is one of them. I first experienced one of the Japanese born artists’ infinity rooms two years ago at the Broad Museum in downtown LA. When I found out there would be a full exhibit of Kusama’s iconic kaleidoscopic environments I flew back to LA for a chance to experience this masterpiece. Tickets were sold out at the Broad Museum however, they were giving away 200 tickets daily first come first serve. I woke up hella early to make it to the museum at 7:30 am for tickets sold at 9 am. There was already a line formed (I was about 50th in line) shows how popular this exhibit was and I was fortunate enough to secure me a ticket.
This exhibit offers six infinity rooms as well as sculptures, paintings and my favorite the interactive “Obliteration Room”

Born in 1929 Yayoi Kusama grew up in Mastsumoto, Japan. She studied traditional Japanese style painting in Kyoto at age nineteen. While living in New York City in the 60’s she worked on her signature dot motifs and sculptures and ultimately launched her first Infinity Mirror Room in 1965. At the age of 89 Kusama is still creating art and has a studio in Tokyo Japan.

“One day, after gazing at a pattern of red flowers on the tablecloth, I looked up to see that the ceiling, the windows, and the columns seemed to be plastered with the same red floral pattern. I saw the entire room, my entire body, and the entire universe covered with red flowers, and in that instant my soul was obliterated and I was restored, returned to infinity, to eternal time and absolute space.”
–Yayoi Kusama

You can also visit this amazing art exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta from November 18-2018- February 17, 2019. Tickets are sold out however they will be giving away 100 tickets daily on-site. You can get more info here: HIGH MUSEUM; YAYOI KUSAMA
If you’re not able to make it to Atlanta here are a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.






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  1. Wow this looks really cool!
    Never heard of this artist going to read more about her

  2. Nice and interesting but how do they transport entire rooms of her art exhibits around the world? Also, thanks for the Atlanta dates. I live here, so I’ll try and get tickets. Keep up the great work, sir.

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