We all are currently living in uncertain times as a result of the worldwide pandemic, better known as the Coronavirus. Thousands of lives have been lost, people have lost their jobs and homes, and it doesn’t seem like there is any hope for the future. Citizens were instructed to hunker down in their homes and avoid contact with others outside of their respective households and ride the “storm” out. I’m sure some of you may find it challenging to focus on anything other than the continuous news cycle regarding the virus. I also know people are trying to figure out what their future holds; as a result, of this. I hope that we all take this time to catch up on sleep, reconnect with family, and maybe even focus on self-reflection.

During this time of self-isolation, some people will spend the day reading, working on home projects, or making Tik Tok videos. And then there are those, like myself, who will venture out (with my camera in tow) for some fresh air and to remind myself that during this dark period, there is still some beauty in the world.

Here are a series of my favorite photos that I have taken over the past few months. I hope you enjoy!

While hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park, I walked across a frozen “Bear Lake” and saw a person walking alone in the distance.

Rocky Mountain National Park

An oversized sculpture titled “Tilted Head” by artist Mark Manders was on display in New York’s Central Park. It was a pleasant surprise to run into this as I was walking to the train.

Central Park

Santa Monica Pier is always busy with people, so it’s sometimes hard to get good photos, but occasionally just glancing upward, you’ll find something worth photographing.

Santa Monica Pier

On a rainy day in Berlin, I ducked into this alley for cover and turned out it was Chicken Alley filled with all different types of street art. This simple photo of a bike against a wall sounds boring but turned into a beautiful photograph.

Berlin, Germany

While driving around Crater Lake in Oregon, I made a stop at one of the look-out points and loved this shot where the water meets the coast with the mountains in the background.

Crater Lake, Oregon

When I was photographing these dahlias at the Denver Botanical Gardens, I noticed the waterfall in the background. I decided to incorporate it into my shot in portrait mode on my iPhone.

Denver, Colorado

One of my favorite photos in this collection took a while to perfect. While in Zagreb Croatia, I wanted a picture of the trams. After forty minutes of waiting for a clear shot with no people and no cars, I was able to snap this photo of the blue No. 13 tram with the yellow building in the background.

Zagreb, Croatia

While in Budapest, I visited one of the most beautiful Synagogues with these gold plated fixtures. There are many great things to photograph in Dohany Street Synagogue, but I wanted to focus on this little but significant detail.

Budapest, Hungary

Another photo from Berlin makes the list. While walking through the Memorial for Murdered Jews one early morning, I found the perfect spot to get a picture that featured the sunrise, Berlin TV Tower, and part of the memorial.

Berlin, Germany

I’m sure you’ve all seen this shot many times over. But it’s an iconic photo spot in Brooklyn. The cobblestoned street with red-brick buildings framing the Manhattan Bridge is a popular stop while in New York. I visited early in the morning before all the tourist descended on Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

A popular place to visit in Colorado is the Garden of the Gods, while most people go to marvel at the rock formations some pass the time by rock climbing. I thought this was a good representation of how we are just little beings in this big world.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are ALIVE”


John Waites
A veteran who is passionate about inspiring others through travel and art, sharing ideas for personal growth and fulfilment.

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  1. Nice pics! I would never venture over the lake, thanks for sharing your bravery.

  2. These photos are amazing!

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